A Little Monday Inspiration…

I’ve been reading and listening to podcasts lately like it’s my full-time job. I am currently in a beautiful, introspective period of emotional growth. These are my favorite times of all. My current favorite binge-worthy podcast is Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations. They are jam-packed with so much opportunity for emotional growth and I cannot get enough. I frantically jot down quotes that resonate with me and ponder them for days. A few that I’ve been mulling over lately are:

I am.png

Isn’t that the truth?! What we say about ourselves almost always comes true – so why not speak positivity into our lives?

And this gem from the amazing Deepak Chopra:

“Most of suffering comes from expectation. Change your expectation to appreciation and suffering will end.”

And these two from Joel Osteen (which believe it or not, I had never heard of). I’m not usually a televangelist fan, but Joel’s chat with Oprah really hit me upside the head in a special way.

“You can either curse your future or you can bless it.”

“You can talk yourself into your dreams or you can talk yourself out of your dreams.”

Heavy stuff, right? When I heard these quotes I instinctively knew they were true. I knew right away and I knew that it also meant that I have some work to do. I hope these quotes help you grow as much as they are helping me right now. I’ll leave you with one more…my favorite of the week:


Have a great week loves!

3 thoughts on “A Little Monday Inspiration…

  1. I love these podcasts! I’m also listening to many at the moment. One of my favourite series in On Being by Krista Tippett. She has some really wonderful guests! Also love Magic Lessons by Elizabeth Gilbert. So many great ones, podcasts can be quite addictive!


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