One step forward…two steps back

I’m really bad about this whole disconnecting-from-social-media thing. I was all gung-ho for the first few days and then I remembered that my favorite purse buying club group was only on Facebook. And weren’t they were having a sale soon? What if I missed it? Who can say no to 20% off and exclusive color combos not available to the general public? Not I! So, I decided that I’d just install the FB group’s app. No harm, right? That way I’d avoid all of regular FB but still have access to groups. And then I accidentally bought a few purses, a pair of boots and a family vacation. And I found myself perusing these groups way more than I care to admit. Hooked in again. Gah! But seriously….look at these Rough & Tumble bags…*swoon*


So I pretty much replaced my social media habit with a shopping habit. Dammit. Why is it so hard to get rid of numbing behaviors and fully check into life? You would think that once I admitted the problem to myself that it would be easy to follow through with the fix – but no. It turns out that the fix is the hardest part. And also? I can justify like a mofo. “We haven’t had a family vacation in years”, “I need a good purse to bring all of my stuff to work in”, and “better quality purses hold up longer” and the ever popular “I work hard and I should take care of myself too”.

So here I am, fessing up. Laying all of my ish on the table for everyone to see. Ready to try again and humbly admitting that this is harder than I thought it would be. I’ll also be forcing myself to say goodbye to some of the purses I accumulated during my shopping spree, because – accountability. Adulting is not really fun.


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